London is a fantastic city! It has so many things to see and do that you could never get bored! From trying to identify the train to Hogwarts to taking a very educational walk down the lane of human, animal, and art history, this is the city that seems to have it all. 

Sadly, there are other tourists who figured this secret out. In fact, London is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, with over 20 million people visiting every year. Given that we’re already talking about a rather busy city, it’s easy to understand why accommodation and most exclusive locations are not exactly affordable. 

Now, if London never lacks free or affordable tourist attractions, you may be hard-pressed to find the same in accommodations (especially if you’re new to travelling). Still, there are ways to make sure you won’t go over budget the very first moment you land at the airport. 

We did a bit of digging around London and found a few ideas for tourists on a budget. 



Airbnb is a great option for people looking for affordable accommodation in most major cities. Their offer is diverse and you have the advantage of learning from the experience of other tourists. 

As such, some of the best Airbnb offers in the city come in a diverse package with features for every preference. The secret is to dive deep into reviews and keep an open line of communication with the owner. If anything seems off, it’s best to sort it out before you reach the destination.

One Airbnb that stands out from the crowd is Tessa’s, in Camden. Here, you’ll find a sanctuary for artists, designed by an artist. The house is gorgeously decorated and you’ll have a tough time leaving it behind. But, if you want something simple and elegant, The Muse Haus is a better fit. It’s situated in Zone 2, but it’s easy to get to the main attractions. 



London has a wide network of hotels and hostels, and tourists have the chance to get a very decent offer. One of the best that come to mind right now is Wombat’s – a chain of hostels with locations in cities all over Europe (Vienna, Budapest, Munich, and, of course, London).

Situated close to some of the most popular tourist attractions (the Tower of London or Tower Bridge), this is a cosy hostel with lots to offer for the price.  

Access Accommodation is another option, especially if you don’t feel comfortable renting through Airbnb. The company offers several great apartments in Zone 1 and Zone 2 and you can choose the location that suits you the best. 

For instance, you could be stationed in Camden or Tower Hill, which are fantastic options if you want to taste the nightlife (which is fabulous). 

As you can imagine, London’s nightlife offer is widely diverse and everyone can find something to fit their preferences and pockets. Tourists can try a lot of cool night activities such as amazing parties, theatres, movies, an impressive tour of the city at night, comedy clubs, casinos (although I would rather recommend trying an online casino like Casumo – real ones are quite expensive), and more.


Affordable Hotels

Given that most tourists are not exactly royals, hotels had to adjust their offer to include people on a budget as well. This means there is a wide offer of cheap hotels and guesthouses with decent living conditions and plenty of space for leisure, food, and socialization. 

Affordable hotels are great for families or people who don’t feel comfortable with the openness of a hostel space. Luckily, you can find them in any part of London, so you get to have your pick!

A great but still affordable venue is The Royal Horseguards Hotel. The hotel overlooks the Thames and the London Eye and it’s located in historic Whitehall, which makes it a fantastic choice for tourists. Still, if your budget doesn’t allow for a hotel in the central area, you may want to try QBIC – it’s a cute venue in east London and markets itself as a location for everybody. 


Wrap Up

The secret to finding the best accommodation according to your budget in a city like London is preparedness. Start the search a few months in advance of your departure and compare conditions, locations, and prices to make sure you cover your needs. 

Also, it’s best to research offers and package deals, especially if you’re travelling as a larger group. Such an offer could reduce the cost of accommodation, leaving more room for fun and touristic expeditions.