There’s no denying that London is an expensive place to live. Rents are high, drinks don’t come cheap, and entertaining seems to cost 10 times more in the capital than anywhere else. It makes having friends and acquaintances over for the evening a pretty costly pastime.

It can be enough to put anyone off having a healthy social life but don’t let it dissuade you. As hard as you work, you definitely need some downtime too – you just need to know how to keep it within budget. If you require some help with that, here are four ideas to inspire you…


Enjoy some quality television time together 

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We’re going to assume that even living within the frugal means of a professional Londoner, you can still afford a television licence. If that’s the case, crack out the TV schedule and see what’s coming up. Whether it’s a big football match, the finale of The Great British Bake Off, or the opening episode of The Voice, call your friends, get them to keep the night free, and enjoy all of the on-screen action together. Although popcorn and wine won’t go amiss, you can have everyone bring their own bottle if you really want to keep it cheap.


Host your own version of Come Dine with Me 

So, money is tight and you can’t afford to cook a three-course meal for your nearest and dearest? If this sounds familiar, it’s time to get creative and host a dinner party with a difference. The idea behind it is simple: you’re going to hold your very own version of Come Dine with Me but all of the action is going to take place in a single night. Whilst you host, one friend brings starters, another the main course, and someone else whips up dessert. The final result is gourmet deliciousness at a fraction of the price.


Create a casino in your front room 

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Rolling the dice and living it up in Vegas might sound like a distant dream right now but, if you want to bring the fun all the way to London, why not host a casino night for your friends? The beauty of it is that you don’t have to spend anything unless you want to – just scrape together your leftover alcohol for cocktails, dig out an old deck of playing cards, and find the most economical gambling fun online to keep your acquaintances entertained. If you’re looking for an especially enticing deal, get it at, which plays host to hundreds of different promotions. Once you’re all set-up, let your guests loose, and see who wants to spend, spend, spend without the pressure to dig deep and empty your own pockets.


Get the board games out

We know that board games are associated with kids and OAPs but they’re actually emerging as one of the hottest up-and-coming trends amongst adults too. The perfect way to spend a fun night in, they’re great for getting everyone involved and can be picked up pretty cheaply from charity shops and online selling sites if you don’t want to splash out. Make sure that alcohol is incorporated as a forfeit, and your night just got a whole lot more exciting.

Tell us, Londoners, how will you choose to keep your guests entertained?