The Lost London Churches Project aims to promote interest in the ancient church buildings and parishes of the City of London through collectable cards, books, maps and explorers walks.

In 1600 there were 110 churches in the City of London. Many were lost in the Great Fire of 1666 and many others have been lost since. Today there are only 40 left.

The project has published a series of collectable cards with illustrations of these City of London Churches, both extant and lost. An accompanying book with maps of each parish and a place to stick the cards has also been produced.

The collectible cards are in the old ‘cigarette card’ format with a picture of the church on the front and historical notes on the back. The idea is that if visitors go to a particular church they can collect that specific church card and also a random pack of 5 other church cards in return for a small donation

You can see more details about the Lost London Churches Project on the website This will explain a bit more about the aims of the project and the different types of merchandise on offer.