Although the nights are starting to get darker earlier, there is still a good deal of warmth left in the London summer. And so why not make the most of the light by organising a few social activities before people start hibernating for the long, cold and dark winter months. Here are few ideas.

Host a Party


Summer is the perfect time for gathering people together and entertaining in your house. Whether it be a civilised garden gathering or even an all-out dinner party, it’s a great opportunity to reconnect with old friends and show off your home.

As London is such a multicultural city, hosting an international dinner evening is a good excuse to display some new-found culinary skills. Get friends to bring a dish and enjoy fresh food buffet style whilst taking in the warmth of those bittersweet late summer evenings. The BBC Good Food site has some excellent ideas on summer food from zesty salads to some decadent desserts for you to try out on your friends.

If you’re looking at way of adding a touch of excitement to your dinner party, then some grown-up games are a good way to get everyone involved. Whether it be an interactive murder mystery game, or even one of live games showcased at Red8’s that features a real-life croupier who’ll guide you through the intricacies of roulette, poker or blackjack, there’s always some extra that can be done to give your party a twist.

Even something as simple as a themed-movie night courtesy of a streaming site such as Netflix can provide hours of entertainment, especially if you encourage friends to dress up as some leading characters.

Group visits


Another good way of getting out there is to organise a group visit to one of London’s spectacular attractions.

London is blessed with a world-beating array of museums. Some of these such as the British Museum are free and offer the perfect opportunity to browse some fascinating ancient relics in an awe-inspiring setting.

And then for some world-class music, the BBC is hosting the regular Proms in the Park concert on 12 September at Hyde Park. This offers a huge variety of acts ranging from Russell Watson to The Jacksons. And with individual tickets as cheap as £39 per person, there’s never been a better opportunity to grab a deckchair and enjoy a night of quality music under the stars.

Finally, just to prove that London is nothing if not eclectic, the Peckham and Nunhead Free Film Festival takes place from 3 to 13 September. This great occasion will showcase Academy Award winning films such as Gravity and Ida in a range of parks, pubs and churches. Just another reason to get out there and experience the best of London this summer.