Ah, new years eve. It brings back fond memories of watching the fireworks, drinking wine and then walking home in the moonlight. In Sydney.

Sadly, its just not the same in London. The weather is probably the main reason.

And prior to this year, so it seems, the fireworks in London were …… well, pitiful is the best word to describe them. Apparently, this year things are much improved, though we have warnings of wind and rain. The weather, again.

I remember making an effort to get out and enjoy a London new year in 1999/2000. I mean, quite a memorable year to do it if ever I was going to. So there we were, a bunch of us sitting in the dark and cold on the south bank, looking out at ………. nothing. Just the Thames in front of us. In darkness. Along with around 100 other people in the immediate area.

Around midnight someone claimed they saw a flash of light, but it quickly vanished. I think it was wishful thinking on their part.

Apparently, extra effort had been put into the London new year fireworks that year – people say they were quite good but you had to be standing right near the London Eye. I think they fizzled out before they reached the south bank, a mile or so up river. Not sure if it was planned that way.

Where we were, we weren’t even sure it had struck midnight. Eventually, figuring it must have, we celebrated – for me, it was as much about being able to finally go home and get warm. We walked home – in the cold and dark.

Right at this moment, the Sydney fireworks have started – see the picture above. Two hours before midnight. The Aussies sure now how to have a fireworks party and to celebrate new year. But its probably due to the weather.