Q: My sister-in-law, my daughter and I want to visit London for 1 day. Could you tell us what ticket for bus, tube, etc. we need to get everywhere and the whole day long? We have never been in London and want to see all typical tourist attractions. Ok, we know that one day is really a joke for that, but our budget is absolutely limited.
We will arrive in London Stansted Airport at 7am, so the first thing to do will be to take breakfast. Could you suggest us cheap bars, restaurants… also for lunch?

A: the first thing to do will be to get to central London from Stansted. I think there are buses but to be honest, the cheapest option will probably also be the slowest for you. I would suggest you get the train into central London, I think it comes into Liverpool Street station.

Once you get into central London, buy one day travel cards from any underground station. I think they cost around £4.50 per person.
As for cheap places to eat, there are a chain of stores called Benjy’s, which are probably the cheapest places to buy food and drinks. However, you often can’t sit in them, so will need to find a nearby park to sit in, etc.