About the Places

Although many of the places and areas listed on this site are hopefully going to be there for years, others may not be.

And some places that used to be free may start charging, or opening hours may vary. Please use the information on this site for general guidance only.

Many of the places such as the markets can get quite crowded. It is also generally safer to visit them during daylight hours (in fact, some of the places are closed at night).


On a Budget?

Before you set off to visit a place or area, pop into a local supermarket and buy some food and drinks to take with you.

Its usually a lot cheaper than if you buy them there (and some places don’t have shops nearby).

Markets, Cemeteries, Pubs and More

There are lots of great places to visit in central London, and most are free to enter. Everything from ancient markets to royal parks, cemeteries and classically British pubs.

And if you want to do something a little less ordinary, London’s various Victorian cemeteries, the sites of historic prisons and famous locations used in film and music are also free to visit.

Historic Pubs

London has thousands of pubs. Many have colourful histories and have hardly changed in centuries.

Museums and Galleries

London has hundreds of museums and art galleries. Many are still free to enter. Here are a few.


Wandering around one of London’s many markets is a fun way to spend a day. And its free.
templar church

Historic Churches

London has hundreds of historic churches and places of worship. Admission is usually free.

Cemeteries and Burial Grounds

Several Victorian cemeteries and pre-Victorian burial grounds still exist in London, and most can be visited for free.

Historic Prisons

See the sites where some of London’s notorious Victorian prisons once stood.

Parks and Open Spaces

Visit one of London’s many free public parks, Royal parks and open spaces.

Famous Film and Music Locations

Visit some of the places made famous in films and music.