Travelling around London is notoriously headache-inducing. If you’re taking the bus, prepare for the tedium of moving at the speed of a lazy glacier through the streets, or you can pay an extortionate amount to take a black cab only to be halted by the driver having an argument with the pedestrian he almost hit, or god forgive you if you brave the underground, manage to understand where you’re going only to be met with one of the “characters” down there.

What you need is a plan. Thank God for recent advancements in technology that make the time go by a little faster. It doesn’t take much to block out the rest of the public on these public transport options and make the commute to work almost bearable. Read on for all the details on how to keep yourself from going crazy on London public transport.




Nothing makes life easier than the miracle that is music. The power of music is the feeling it can invoke on you, so first thing in the morning, when you’re not sure how you functioned long enough to get onto your mode of transport with your shoes matching, you can get some energetic music going to wake you up – although a coffee doesn’t hurt either.

Platforms like Spotify have taken off, allowing every artist no matter their size to make their way directly to your phone. All you need is some headphones and some taste, and you’ll find something to keep you awake on the way into or out of work. There might even be a commuting playlist on Spotify.

If you need something a little more stimulating to engage with, you can listen to one of the millions of podcasts out there. Whether your thing is true crime, conspiracy theories, movie reviews, activism or talking about music, there is something to engage your brain and keep you entertained.


If you’re a fan of poker, the commute around London can be the perfect place to indulge your favourite hobby. With the Wi-Fi available on most London buses and even the underground now, you need only open your phone to get started.

You can visit a site like the GGPoker platform to enjoy a livestream, either of the many poker tournaments that are streamed live, including the biggest in the world – the World Series of Poker. Alternatively, you can watch one of the GG Team play professional poker. Sign up to play at some of the live tables and gain your welcome bonus.

Practise your skills against the computer games of the site then put them to the test against real opponents at the live tables. Have your strategies ready, know your odds, then get in and enjoy the thrill of the game.

If you feel like you’ve got the game nailed, you can even take part in the GG Poker online tournaments. They could have you going home with thousands of pounds and sometimes qualifying for even bigger tournaments like the World Series of Poker.


Quizzes aren’t solely meant for the pub. You can give yourself a little challenge to get through the day and ask yourself just how much useless information you can weaponize. Apps like Trivia Crack will give you a solo trivia quiz throughout your journey, with topics from pop culture to world knowledge that change with the seasons.

You can also challenge someone online. Find a friend or be set up with a random player (to maybe make a friend eventually?) and compete to be the first to win six crowns. Train your brain during the most mind-numbing aspect of the day and before you know it you’re winning pub quizzes all over London.