What if you are in London and you want to stay and gamble at the same place? A good thing is that you can.

There are a few hotels with casinos in the city where you can rent a room and enjoy the game. The most important question here is which hotels of this kind deserve your attention.

We also want to remind our readers that if you want to stay in London but want to play at non-UK gambling sites, you can use this list to find non UK online casinos and continue your adventure.

So let’s go back to our hotels. There are a few options and now we will explain all of them so you will get the ultimate and simple answer.


May Fair Hotel

May Fair Hotel must be on the list and soon you will see why. Of course, Let’s start with the hotel section. It is a modern and extremely desirable place to stay. People come here to relax, enjoy London, and also for business. Keep in mind that elegance also has a huge role in all of this so you can enjoy that as well.

Now the casino section of the establishment. Here you can find Palm Beach Casino. It is part of the hotel and it is a full-size, land-based casino.

For most players, this is a huge advantage and one of the things they adore. For example, you can play all the casino games you like. Table games and slots are available so you can try these. There are a lot of games as well so players can stay at the hotel and play at the casino for days.

There is no need to go outside. All you need is inside and you can have fun as long as you like. Don’t forget that this is an elegant casino so you will want to dress nicely.


Ritz Hotel

This is one of the most popular hotels in London and due to a reason. The hotel offers British décor, architecture, elegance, and attention to detail.

It is located in Piccadilly which makes it an ideal place for tourists and those who want to enjoy the London lifestyle. This can last for a few hours only or a couple of weeks.

If you want to stay and enjoy hotel accommodation you can do that at the Ritz hotel. But you can gamble as well.

The gambling floor offers blackjack, baccarat, Punto Banco, and a lot more games. Keep in mind that the gambling selection here is not massive so don’t expect a Las Vegas-style casino. But it is sufficient for most players and it has all the types most players will love to play.


London Hilton

London Hilton is another place in the city where you can stay and gamble. The main thing you need to know here is that the place is luxurious. It can compete with many places in Leeds and other cities around the kingdom.

At the same time, the hotel is known for its traditional elements which made it very appealing and desirable to countless guests from all over the world. It has been one of the hotels in London that famous people visit all the time.

Of course, you can gamble here as well. An interesting fact is that the hotel’s casino shares all the design elements of the actual hotel. As such, you cannot play the latest and new games. But you can play table games like poker, blackjack, baccarat, roulette, and more. In general, all casino games that are commonly played in land casinos are present here.

You will enjoy the atmosphere and the décor of this place. It is so good that certain players have been coming here from all over the world so they can place a bet or two.


W Hotel

W Hotel is simply different. First of all, this place has design techniques targeting younger people who like to spend a lot of time partying and gambling. The first thing you will notice is that the hotel is modern and appealing.

Younger people have fun here on a daily basis and they can enjoy all sorts of perks. Nightlife is great as well which is mandatory in this case scenario. Although the hotel is suitable for younger people, older guests and people, in general, will enjoy it as well.

The hotel is close to a lot of casinos so you can check these out and play at the one you like. There are numerous options and all of these are available all the time. Once you are done playing, you can go back to the hotel and enjoy a nice meal.

The place here offers a complete service to players and guests who want to enjoy their time in London. If you ever come to the city, make sure you check out this place and try to stay here for some time.


The Final Word

These are hotels in London where you can have fun all day long, stay as long as you want, and gamble. The best one will be the place you like the most and offers the games you will want to play. At the same time, there are different other attractions in London that are popular among players from all over the world so you can see some interesting people inside.