Q: Give us some suggestions of your favorite Pubs, restraurants, sidewalk cafe’s, or anyother places to go.

A: One of my favourite pubs in central London is the Dickens Inn, at St Katherine’s Dock.

A suggestion for you for a fun evening out:
– get yourself some free tickets for a Saturday night to the Ceremony of the Keys at the Tower of London (free to get – specify in your request to them, Saturday night).

– start the evening on the south side of Tower Bridge, around Bermondsey. There’s a really nice Italian restaurant (my favourite in London) called Mill Street Cafe (in Mill Street).

After eating there (or at any one of a number of riverside restaurants in the area), walk across Tower Bridge and over to St Katherine’s Dock for a drink at Dickens Inn. Lots of nice boats to look at while you’re enjoying the atmosphere also of the old pub.

Then wander over to the Tower (allowing around 15 minutes to get to the western gate) to watch the Ceremony.

Some great views of London by night, excellent food and beer and visiting the Tower at night is very enchanting.


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