According to the letter addressed to the Parliament, the Shakespeare globe theatre is facing the danger of closure if the government’s emergency funding doesn’t help them make up for lost revenue. The Shakespeare Globe Theatre is a highly celebrated institution in London, showcasing the world’s most famous plays. However, the institution is on the verge of permanent closure if Parliament doesn’t help it to move ahead of the financial constraints brought by the harsh economic conditions.

The Globe is the closest that modern fans can get from Shakespeare’s original open-air theatre in 1599. This theatre came to life in 1997, generating over 90% of its revenue from ticket sales, education workshops, guided tours, and other retail activities on the premises. However, the establishment is asking for government interference in managing its financial affairs as people continue restricting their activities around their homes.

In a recent letter sent to the Parliament, the theatre reveals that it needs over five million pounds before they can resume normal activities. The theatre is also calling for donations from well-wishers through their website to help them continue thriving to showcase their works to the future generations. According to their letter, despite the theater enjoying great financial resilience and proper management, the recent turn of events have left them crying for help.

According to the theatre, their gross income has been cut down to 25% due to people avoiding public activities. That’s because most of the theatre’s income comes from physical visits to the museum, which are no longer possible in the meantime. Today, most people prefer to participate in virtual activities like playing online games using the Hollywood casino promo code to stay safe and enjoy great bonuses. However, that also makes it hard for businesses like the Shakespeare Theatre to remain afloat without assistance.

The theatre expressed their troubles to the Parliament, revealing that they will experience significant financial issues if they operate at normal levels if they re-open past September. That’s because income from ticket sales will be close to non-existent, especially if the audiences are reluctant to return to the theatre.

Because the Shakespeare Globe Theatre isn’t included in the list of organisations receiving aid from the Arts Council England (ACE), it hasn’t received any aid from the over $200 million awarded by the agency. According to the Globe, ACE hasn’t been in a position to support an organization of its scale, though they remain a primary contributor to the UK’s cultural life.