Are you looking to make precious memories with your family this spring? Consider taking a break from the grind and renting a vacation home.

While these occasions might be rare, they’re perfect opportunities for quality time together as life can become rather busy between work and other obligations. Here are some ideas that will ensure you all have an enjoyable experience.


Go on a scavenger hunt

Once you have chosen a property from all the beautiful big houses to rent in your preferred area, the next step is to plan ways to build memories in it. Scavenger hunts are a fantastic way to bring the family together and explore the home and its surroundings in an exciting manner. From sunset strolls with flashlights, or daytime romps, you can tailor any scavenger hunt to make it unique for each adventure. With countless online resources, your family embarks on a creative challenge that’s something out of the ordinary.


Try out new food

Nothing brings family members closer than sharing food. So, take advantage of your vacation rental home’s kitchen and try new recipes, or have each family member cook their favourite dish for everyone else to enjoy.


Play games

Take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life to reconnect with loved ones through some good old-fashioned family fun. Whether playing your favourite board game, getting competitive over soccer, or hitting up the court for some tennis action, there are plenty of ways to enjoy quality time together while engaging in friendly rivalry.


Host a movie night

What better way to spend quality time together than staying indoors watching movies? Invite your loved ones for a movie night in your vacation house rental. This could be what everyone needs after spending the whole day exploring the outdoors. Or even better, create a DIY drive-in theatre feel by setting up outdoor projectors with snacks nearby.


Go for long walks or runs together

Take some time to bond with your family by going on a fun outdoor adventure! Go for an exciting jog or walk together somewhere new and explore the breathtaking sights around you. You can tour your neighbourhood, enjoy nature in a nearby national park, or get competitive at the local park. You’ll get fit while having quality time talking about recent events.


BBQ and backyard games

With a family barbecue, you can enjoy an exquisite meal while having the time of your life. Unleash your competitive streak as you and your loved ones participate in classic outdoor activities like parkour games or mini-Olympics. With beautiful grounds surrounding your holiday home, there’s plenty to explore, turning your get-together into a unique adventure.



A holiday house is perfect for a spring escape or a summer retreat. Create unforgettable memories with the family by taking advantage of all your vacation home offers, from board games to picnics in the garden or stargazing at night. With no shortage of activities available, you will find something fun to please everyone.