Q: Hello: I am going to London next 26th December and I have some doubts: – Is easy to find supermarkets in the center of London? To buy bread, water… – Is necessary a photograph to get a travel card for 3 or 7 days? – Where can I take the remaining Routemaster? I think I have read somewhere it only goes in a line, but I wanted to know the place to take it.

1 – Supermarkets: yes, there are a number of “metro” type supermarkets in central London these days and they are usually easy to find. Your hotel can also probably tell you where your closest one is. They aren’t as big as the “weekly shop” type supermarkets but they have a good selection of the sort of stuff you might need when here as a visitor for a short time. e.g. you can buy bread, water, fruit, toiletries, wine, beer, etc etc.

Look out for stores such as Sainsbury’s, Tesco Metro and (if you can’t find either of those), Costcutter. They also tend to be open late and seven days a week, even over xmas.

2 – Travelcards: As far as I know, you don’t need a photograph in order to get a one, three or seven day travelcard. See this site for more information.

3 – Routemasters: I believe the remaining routemaster buses run on routes 9 and 15 through central London. You can use them for the same price as normal buses. To read more, see here.