The traditional image of the family holiday is parents going away with their children. While this is certainly the most common type of family holiday, there’s no reason why you can’t invite some of your other relatives to come along.

Bringing your elderly family members, be it your parents or grandparents, on holiday with you can be a fantastic time for all involved. However, there are a number of things you need to consider when travelling with older people. Let’s find out more.


Do They Have Any Medical Conditions?

As we get older, our bodies become less able to heal and repair, and we can become more prone to certain diseases and medical issues. This can include things like heart disease, arthritis, cancer, as well as a host of other chronic conditions. Often, these conditions require regular medical attention, be that check ups or medicines and procedures.

This poses some issues when taking elderly relatives on holiday. You need to be able to guarantee that they will be able to easily and affordably access the medical services they need. This is where getting holiday insurance may need to come in. Why not check out providers like Staysure, who offer a tailored over 70s travel insurance package, with cover for pre-existing medical conditions. This is the perfect option if you’re planning on taking your older family members on holiday with you.


How Mobile Are They?

Your idea of a perfect holiday might be exploring the streets of a European city into the small hours of the night or trekking deep into a steaming jungle and adventuring over rugged terrain. While this certainly sounds exciting, it requires a degree of physicality that many old people simply don’t possess.

Think about your relatives’ mobility before deciding to book flights. Will they be able to cope with the demands of your ideal holiday? If not, it’s important you choose an alternative. For older people who aren’t very mobile, a stay at a luxury resort might be the perfect choice. This way, they will have everything they need in close proximity, and can go out to explore when and if they want to.


Older People Can Struggle In Extreme Temperatures

You’ll need to take the climate of a potential destination into account when bringing elderly relatives on holiday with you. While you might love the idea of basking in the sun for hours on an idyllic Spanish beach, the heat could be uncomfortable and even potentially dangerous for older people. If you are heading somewhere sunny, ensure they have plenty of sunblock with them, and encourage them to sit in the shade and drink plenty of water to stay cool.

Similarly, if you are heading off for a winter getaway to celebrate Christmas or New Year abroad, it’s important that you ensure your older family members are wrapped up and appropriately dressed to face the colder weather. If they have it, it would worth bringing thermals, if not extra layers of clothes might suffice.



Taking your elderly family members on holiday with you can be an excellent idea that will give them something to look forward to and ensure they feel included and welcomed in the wider family unit. However, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. Get travel insurance, especially if they have any pre-existing medical conditions, make sure you are going somewhere that is appropriate for their level of mobility, and be aware that older people can struggle in extreme hot or cold temperatures.