It is crucial that business owners take time out with their employees to improve the team dynamic as studies show that this will have a direct improvement on operational performance.  With employees health and wellbeing being a top priority for many companies now, team building is moving further up the agenda in terms of priority.  As well as team dynamic and operational improvements you would expect to see, there should also be a direct impact on things such as reduced sickness levels also. London and its surrounding areas are full of activities that could be completed, and we have listed some of these below.

Treasure Hunt

Similar to what Anneka Rice used to do in the 1980s and 90’s (minus the helicopter) you could take your team out on a treasure hunt around London.  This sort of activity is very high-paced and full of excitement.  The team will be issued with an iPad and log into the site unique GPS app in order to undertake the different ranges of treasure hunts.  There are different themes to choose from which include ones for Christmas and Easter.  You can also personalise the event so that it reinforces the companies objectives and values. This is not only for companies that are based in the London area but companies from outside will make their way to the capital and enjoy this event and see some of the iconic landmarks.

Escape Room

Something that has popped up in lots of different cities around the UK are Escape Rooms. These seem to now be very popular with business and quite competitive amongst the players.  If you haven’t ever been to one of these, the objective of this is to try and get out of the escape room which you are locked in as quickly as possible. To do this, you will need to work as a team and try and unravel a lot of the dilemmas that are put in front of you.  The escape room usually will have different characters, scenes and themes.  Some are even quite creepy.

There are normally a few of the escape rooms in the expedition in order to make sure that anyone that has completed it does not repeat the same event.  You will find that this is not an expensive day out either but the emphasis of working as a team really comes out in this event.


Something that is full of high energy and fun is go-karting.  There are many options in the London and the surrounding area where you can go indoor and outdoor go-karting.  This is a very high energy event that has a lot of adrenaline.  The operators of these events will take everyone for a robust safety briefing in advance and thereafter they will then let you loose on the tracks.  Generally, you will be given a number and will have several laps and tournaments.  Your position will then determine where you start on the line-up for the grand finale. Once completed, the go-karting company will then have a podium for the top 3 winners to stand on, maybe explode a bottle of champagne and get your photo taken.  There are also sometimes prizes for fastest lap and slowest lap to make everyone feel included.  A great team building event that takes several hours out of the day.


In London, you are spoilt for choice in terms of what to do for team building.  The events listed above are common activities to consider that should hopefully give you maximum benefit and a great release of energy.