Whether you are a foreigner traveling to London or a local, no doubt that in order to keep your idle times when on the road, one sure thing to break the boredom is through your mobile phone. Indeed, with the innovations of smartphones nowadays, entertainment applications are certainly the first things we all look up to.

I love to travel back and forth my favorite spots in London. Regardless of my purpose – business or leisure, I never miss to take my most important gadget that’s my Iphone. Taking your Iphone or any smarthphone with you will lead you to many things to do. But, before you consider your itinerary, make sure that free smartphones apps when in London are already available in your phone. Truth is, packet data fees may blew your mind. So, take advantage of these free apps and download them before leaving.

The Official London or Inclusive London Applications – These apps are free for Android or Iphone users like me. With either of these apps installed on your phone, you’ll get the taste of the most recommended spots and places wherever you are in London. For instance, if you get hungry and you are at Westminster Abbey, just browse the app and it will show you the restaurants nearby.

The Hailo Back Cab Application – Exploring London can be tiring to include getting a cab. But, worry no more with Hailo App. Have this app on your next tour to London’s finest spots and you’ll not worry of wasting your time where to get a taxi to escort you where you go.

The Free London App – If you are on a tight budget, there’s no reason for you to frown. You can find cheap restaurants, free tour on museums, cheap or even free theater tickets, and also cheap accommodations. Get this app to be informed of where you can save your money.

Vacation Slots app, Live Roulette app or Tournament Blackjack – These 3 apps are certainly something you have to download free on your smartphone. When you are exploring the entire London, some game apps may keep you entertained. Also, check out Live Roulette app or Tournament Blackjack.

Most of all, there are some fun and free apps that will help you pass the time when you are waiting for a bus or in the subway. One of them is casino app. If you like casino games, you can find the best no deposit mobile casinos apps online.