The Rainbow Riches series of online slot games is among the most successful and long running slot franchises ever. It was launched all the way back in 2006, with the original Rainbow Riches game.

Light and Wonder, which was formerly known as Barcrest, is the game developer behind it and the series has spawned multiple sequels. From Drops of Gold to Pick N Mix, the follow up games have kept on coming as the brand has found loyal players in countries throughout the world.

This series is now so celebrated that it is even possible to play slots at a dedicated Rainbow Riches Casino – making it arguably the biggest slot franchise of all time.

In this article we will be exploring the best games in the series and what makes them so good to play.


The Idea Behind Rainbow Riches

Almost all online slot games come with a theme of some sort. That is a big part of the fun for the people who play them.

The Rainbow Riches series is no exception to that and the theme of these games is a colorful fantasy version of Ireland. This is a landscape of green rolling hills, rainbows and a leprechaun searching for gold.

While it might not win the creators any thanks from the Irish tourist board, it does make for attractive visual imagery when playing the slot. That appealing theme has been backed up by so many of the other important elements that contribute to the popularity of slots, from strong return to player percentage to entertaining bonus rounds.

All of that is why this particular franchise has gone the distance in the ultra-competitive online slots field.

Now let us look at the best Rainbow Riches games to play.


Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix

This game has been a consistent draw since it hit casino sites and it is easy to see why. It contains a feature that is unique to slots – the chance to make a free choice of which bonus rounds to play.

Ahead of the start of the game, the player is provided with a list of five bonus rounds: Magic Toadstool, Cash Crop, Pots of Gold, Free Spins and Road to Riches. They are able to pick any three of them that they would like to play if they trigger the bonus round.

That alone would be enough to make this game stand out, but it is not its only asset. Big Bet is a feature that can speed up access to the bonus rounds by spinning a wheel on the screen, instead of having to get to them in the usual fashion.


Rainbow Riches Free Spins

This game takes probably the only major flaw in the first Rainbow Riches game and addresses it: namely the absence of a free spins feature. It retains all the things that led people to embrace that game, including the lively leprechaun theme and Irish music, but adds the chance to multiply any winnings through free spins.

The fact that there are just 10 pay lines on this game is another strong point because it makes it the cheapest one in the series to bet on. Throw in useful wild icons to help towards a win and you have a very solid entry in the franchise.


Rainbow Riches

It might be expected that the first game in the series would feel quite dated now, but the original Rainbow Riches still holds up very well in 2023. At a time when a lot of new slot games contain a single bonus round, the three on offer with this title actually makes it seem more impressive now.

Those games are Pots of Gold, Wishing Well and Road to Riches. Each one gives the player a potential win of x500 what they originally bet. This game comes with a total of 20 pay lines, so it is possible to bet – and win – quite a lot.

Even after over 15 years, this is still a superb slot.


Rainbow Riches Megaways

The Megaways game mechanic used for this slot means that there are a mammoth 117,649 pay lines to be bet on. It also features the exciting cascading reels feature that sees the reels replaced automatically after a win and continue to spin of their own accord until winning combinations stop appearing.

That can lead to major multipliers. Then there is the giant jackpot of 10,000 coins and the bonus round called Super Gems that turns reel icons into winning ones.

This is the Rainbow Riches game that can bring the really big payouts.


Rainbow Riches Crops of Cash

This version of the game has 243 fixed pay lines and an excellent bonus. That is called Crops of Cash and the aim is to fill the reels with coin icons to land a win totaling whatever the coins on the screen add up to.

The game also has a good return to player of 96%, so bets are not likely to be wasted. It is another example of why this series continues to go from strength to strength.

Gaming is a leisure activity that has been embraced in virtually every country now and top quality slots franchises like Rainbow Riches have contributed to that. People love fast and colorful games that offer a chance to win some money, like online slots.