The global esports industry is in a state of constant evolution, with new hubs and centres of excellence emerging around the world.

The epicenter of competitive first-person shooter (FPS) action is set to move to London in 2024. Thus, the modern capital of the UK is broadening its horizons, becoming a Mecca not just for ordinary tourists but also for “cyber-tourists.”

In 2024, London will host competitions in a variety of e-sport categories. The event will feature top-tier professional players from around the world, competing in a wide array of e-sports genres — from first-person shooters and multiplayer online battle arenas to real-time strategy games and even sports simulations.

Aside from cybersports competitions, London is also famous for events like Destiny 2: The Dawning Festival, where all game fans can dive deep into their favourite gaming universe. Let’s look at all of the major current events, as well as the FPS and other esports competitions taking place in this beautiful megapolis.


London’s Gaming Oasis: Where Anime, Cosplay, and Destiny 2 Collide

From the bustling halls of the London Anime & Gaming Con 2024 to the immersive world of Destiny 2: The Dawning Festival, London hosts a diverse array of gaming festivals that cater to enthusiasts of all stripes.

At the London Anime & Gaming Con, attendees are welcomed with open arms, beckoning anime fans, gamers, comic enthusiasts, and cosplayers alike to partake in the UK’s largest anime event.

With a vibrant atmosphere, this gathering serves as a melting pot of diverse gaming cultures, where attendees can immerse themselves in all things anime and gaming have to offer.

Destiny 2: The Dawning Festival offers players a unique opportunity to step beyond the digital game and meet in person. As fans of the game come together in London, they are invited to engage in lively discussions, share gaming experiences, and forge lasting friendships.

Amidst the excitement, topics ranging from gameplay strategies to the efficacy of services like the Destiny 2 carry are fervently debated, underscoring the community’s dedication and enthusiasm for the Destiny universe.


Halo Major LAN

Get ready, FPS game fans: London will have more fun things for you to do this year than just Counter-Strike Blast Premier Spring Final. The megapolis will be the site of the Halo Championship Series London Major from May 31 to June 6. With the best teams in the HCS competing for a $250,000 prize pool, it will be a great game for everyone.

The groups for the first round of the event, which goes beyond the open bracket, were released not long ago. Each game will be a tough best-of-five set, and only the top three teams from each group will move on to the final bracket.

At this point, everyone is looking at OpTic Gaming. This team almost won the prize at the recent Arlington Major, but Spacestation beat them just in time. Quadrant, a UK-based gaming company owned by F1 driver Lando Norris, enjoys a home advantage. But will it be enough to propel the team to victory? Despite FaZe Clan’s recent victory in the HCS World Championship, they still have much to prove.


League of Legends Worlds Finals

The League of Legends Worlds finals will be held at The O2 Arena on November 2, 2024. They are likely to be the biggest e-sports event of the year. The event will occur nine years after the previous time the Worlds 2015 quarterfinals were hosted in London’s Wembley Arena and a year and a half after MSI 2023, which was held there in May of last year.


BLAST Spring Final

Fans of one of the most popular FPS games in the world, Counter-Strike 2, are waiting for the spring finals of BLAST Spring Final 2024. From June 12th to 16th, 2024, London plays host to the clash of the top 8 teams. The tournament promises to be exciting, with $425,000 on the line and a ticket to the BLAST Premier World Final 2024.

The event will take place at the OVO Arena Wembley, which adds to the significance of the tournament. The first two days of events will be held behind closed doors in the arena. From Friday to Sunday (June 14 to 16), each day will be held in front of a packed arena.


PUBG Mobile Global Championship

The grand final of another popular FPS and TPS game — PUBG Mobile — will be held in the UK. This was announced by PUBG Mobile Global Esports Senior Director James Young during the 2023 PMGC Grand Finals opening ceremony. To build up excitement, the director left the exact location a secret but promised to reveal it closer to the competition itself.

London may host another significant event in the eSports industry. As for the competition itself, it will take place in December 2024 and will be the first major PUBG Mobile event to be held in the UK.

What is more, PUBG Mobile will be the first event of this type in Western Europe since 2018. The prize fund is no less large — it is expected to reach up to $3 million.


Time to Book Your Next Trip to London

As you can see, London is the top city to visit in 2024 if you are passionate about video games and first-person shooter events. The UK capital will host a wide range of events to celebrate the gaming culture — from anime and gaming festivals to the exciting world of professional first-person shooter games.

London is becoming a better place for esports fans all over the world with big events like the Halo Championship Series London Major, the BLAST Spring Final, the PUBG Mobile Global Championship, and the upcoming League of Legends Worlds Finals.