London is widely regarded as one of the best cities for foodies in the world. The city is a multicultural melting pot which means there is incredible food on offer here from just about every corner of the globe.

Of course, there are countless upmarket restaurants, cafes, cocktail bars and other venues for you to check out but these come with a serious price tag that most people simply can’t afford. However, don’t panic, as no matter what kind of budget you have to work with, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the tastes of the city without breaking the bank.


If you find yourself with some free time in London, and you fancy yourself as a bit of a restaurant buff, you may be surprised how much value you can uncover with just a little bit of time spent on the hunt for cheap but quality meals.

From traditional afternoon tea and pastries to visiting a steak restaurant in London that still offers budget-conscious diners a satisfying experience, there is no end to what you can experience. By simply doing a little research on the options within your price range, you can very quickly find some truly amazing London eateries that won’t cost you the world.

Let’s take a look at just some of the cheap and cheerful options that foodies can choose from in the British capital.


Afternoon Tea

This long-established tradition is great for when your appetite is in “undecided” mode and you’re not quite sure what you’re in the mood for.

We all have those days when anything sounds good, but we’re just not sure what that is. Sometimes you’d just like to sample a few things and perhaps enjoy a new blend of Tea along with a light snack. Or perhaps you want something light to tide you over until dinner.

This is especially great for London tourists who need to sit down and rest their weary feet while getting a taste of how locals enjoy their downtime.

If you are keen on sweets, afternoon tea is a must. Most cafes will offer scones, sandwiches, min cakes and pastries, during their afternoon tea service. All of these delicious baked goods are usually served with jam and clotted cream. The small delicate sandwiches with the crusts removed offer light fillings, including chicken, eggs, or perhaps smoked salmon.

Prices vary based on where you go for afternoon tea. However, at most hotels, cafes, full-service restaurants, and even some Museums, you can expect a range between £15 – £60, depending on the location.


London Food Tours

The Soho entertainment district is a solid choice for foodies to go hunting for meal deals. With so many options concentrated in one neighbourhood, this is a spot many tourists have on their to-do lists.

But don’t worry, it’s not all tourists. You’ll find plenty of locals as well, many of them willing to share their favourite spots if you strike up a conversation.

If you’d like to save some time, why not try a food tour where you can pay a flat rate and have a local guide show you around the vibrant entertainment district for an adults-only night out?

Get linked up with a guide, and a group of like-minded folks, then head out to sample their curated picks from a variety of establishments. Many different cuisines are featured, and you can customise your tour package based on your tastes.

If you’ve already been to Soho, don’t worry. London is home to two other well-known entertainment districts where foodies can indulge in local flavour while soaking up the vibes and culture of the East End and Borough Market districts.

If you find all the choices available in London overwhelming, these tours may be right for you. Gain new insight from the local experts, sample all the delicious foods, and take notes and photographs. The next time you feel like going out, you’ll be impressing your friends with your newfound foodie expertise.


Gourmet Bus Tours

To get your fill of great food while enjoying the classic experience of a London double-deck bus sightseeing tour, why not book an evening out with Bustronome?

This unique concept offers lunch, afternoon tea, and 6-course dinner trips. Enjoy sampling gourmet food while gazing at the panoramic view of London’s iconic sights as your tour makes its way through the city.

The tours include a full audio guide and personalised table service. Tours are available for individuals, families with children, and even corporate events.

Budget-conscious foodies looking to combine their passion with a breathtaking tour of the world’s most beautiful city should consider this tour, starting at a very reasonable £70.


Find Your Own Slice Of Affordable Deliciousness In London

For first-time visitors or even those that are familiar with London, it may seem daunting trying to learn where to eat at first, especially if you’re on a more limited budget. However, with a little research and by following the tips above, you can be sure that you have an opportunity to sample the very best that London has to offer, without spending a fortune.