Apparently, last Wednesday night the Museum of London hosted a debate on north v south London. Another one of those London topics, like congestion charging and the state of public transport, that everyone seems to have a view on.

Well, here’s mine. I don’t care. Never did care where in London I lived – north or south, that is. Neither is close to a beach, which would be my absolute preference and was when I lived in Sydney. And neither is close to a beautiful harbour or wonderful, peaceful parks (like Sydney harbour and Centennial Park.)

So as there were none of those things to look forward to when coming to London, my only preference when moving here was to live as close to “central” London as possible. For both practical and social purposes.

Practically, to be near to where I worked. And socially, to be easily able to get in and out late at night, to be able to walk home if necessary and to be able to do some of my London research for my web site at the drop of a hat.

Without relying on public transport too much.

As it happened, I ended up living in a council flat when I first arrived in London. A lovely old roomy and bright one, in a fifties building with lots of settled residents. Not one of those dreaded high rises, thankfully.

And it was in sunny Walworth, slap bang in the middle of “saf Lunden”. And south is where I’ve stayed ever since, no worries.

Is it better or worse than north London? No. Just different.