Q: I’ve read about the London Pass, online. It’s 117 euros with travel (tube regions 1-6)for 6 days. Would this be somehthing worth purchasing? I don’t know how much a tube trip costs… so.. 🙂 Thanks! Location missouri, usa

A: Understanding London’s public transport fare structure would probably be considered a degree level course in some countries. There are loads of different types of tickets, different zones, different times of travel and so on.

The easiest thing to do is to consider where you are likely to travel to, what time of day and how many trips you are going to do per day. If you are only going to be seeing London’s central tourist sights and not using the underground to travel out to heathrow (zone 6) then its likely you would only be travelling within zones 1 and 2.

And if you are happy not to travel on the underground before 9.30 am on weekdays (a wise decision in my view, unless you want to be crushed by commuters!) then you could use an offpeak ticket.

Putting that together, you could buy a one day travelcard each day for unlimited travel in zones 1 – 2 after 9.30 am (to midnight). This would cost you £5.30 per day, or £31.80 for 6 days’ worth.

Not sure of the currency exchange but I suspect this is much less than 117 euros