Are you considering moving to London? Relocating to the capital is a big step to take, and so you need to establish whether this is right for you. To help you decide, you should take a look at the following pros and cons, which will help you figure out if you’re well suited for London life.



 Plenty of activities

 If you’re considering moving to London, then more than likely you’ve already visited the city and understand that there are lots of things to see and do. Whether you’re interested in culture and the arts or music and great nightlife, there is no short supply of activities in London, so you will never get bored. Even when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always something new popping up such as new shops, restaurants and attractions which are guaranteed to entertain any age group.


Job opportunities

 To fund these activities, you will obviously need a decent job. In London, there are plenty of employment opportunities. Whether you’re an aspiring journalist or looking to get into finance, you’re sure to find a job in your chosen field. You can take a look at sites like LinkedIn or Reed, where you will find hundreds of opportunities – you never know, you may even find your dream job. In the capital, you can also find top-level salaries in sectors like marketing, communications, finance, human resources and more. These jobs will offer you great wages, which can be used to pay your bills, as well as enjoy your new life in London.



 Cost of living

Despite the high salary levels, the average wage won’t actually get you very far in London, where everything seems to be expensive. This includes the basics like food shopping, utility bills, and housing. The latter is something most Londoners struggle with, which is why the majority of people in London rent rather than buy, as they simply cannot afford to purchase a house. The home-buying crisis in London is recognised by investment companies like RW Invest, who have moved out of London and turned their attention to northern cities like Liverpool and Manchester. They have chosen these locations due to the affordability of property, which also offers them high rental yields and rental demand, due to population growth in the north-west.


Overcrowded commuting

 One of the most annoying parts of living in London is the commute. While one of the easiest ways to get to work or go out around London is via tube, it can actually be a lot more complicated and time-consuming than you think. If you decide to use the tube to get work, you will most likely be stuck with the rest of the peak hour commuters, which is usually absolute chaos. It could even be worse if you choose to travel by bus, as traffic in London is gridlocked, especially on a weekday. So, if you’re planning on moving to London, you need to make sure you wake up bright and early to prepare for the journey ahead.