London, capital of the UK, is widely known as one of the most expensive cities in the world. That being said, there are lots and lots of things you can do, when funds are low or non-existent. As such a vibrant and cosmopolitan city, there are always people who are trying new things, and takes a look around London.

One of the first things you should do is ensure that you have your travel covered. Fortunately, London has one of the oldest and best developed public transport systems in the world. This is particularly true in modern times with the introduction of technologies such as the ‘Oyster’ card and tap and pay technologies. With either an Oyster card, or other pay and go device such as a smartphone, or contactless payment card, your travel around London on public transport will be capped at the price of the cheapest travel card for your trip. This is true no matter how many journeys you take. Once you hit that mark (which is still pretty low) every other journey you take is free for the rest of the day. Regardless of whether you use overground, underground, or buses. So you can certainly roam the city without fear of running up the transport costs. This means that you can get around all the notable landmarks without spending a fortune.

One of the great benefits of London is that nearly all of the museums are free to enter and look around, be this the Victoria & Albert Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum, or any of the many other museums. You can certainly spend days just wandering around looking at all the different Art, Exhibits and Specimens you could possibly want to enjoy. There are many more museums than just the ones I have mentioned, though they are spread across the city, so as long as you are using your travel from above, you will be having a great time.

If it is entertainment you are after, one of the best places to go to is Covent Garden. As well as there being a world famous market there, which is, of course, free to look around, there are also a number of street entertainers and performers dotted all over Covent Garden. These are entirely free for you to stay awhile and listen to the performances. Sometimes you will even get some bigger names trying out new material to a ready and waiting crowd, so it is always good to hang around and see what is going on. There are also, around Covent Garden, a number of places to pick up really cheap theatre tickets.

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