For people all around the world, London is high up on their list of holiday destinations, thanks to its wide array of iconic landmarks, range of stunning bars and restaurants, and awe-inspiring views.


If you’re thinking of popping the question, London is certainly the place to do it. While the nation’s capital can be expensive, proposing in London doesn’t have to cost the earth. Here are 5 romantic places you can propose without it costing you a penny:


  1. Barbican Conservatory


The Barbican is one of London’s most well-known architectural landmarks and one of the finest examples of brutalism in the world. While this type of building might not be to everybody’s taste, the Barbican also has a stunning and vast conservatory – a tropical paradise amidst so much concrete.


Proposing in this lush urban jungle offers a truly unique experience and a moment you will never forget.


  1. Primrose Hill


Primrose Hill is an idyllic spot in an otherwise busy city, offering an amazing vantage point across London. The highest point of the park is over 60 metres above sea level, which means you can see right across the sprawling city from the top of Primrose Hill.   


Hiking up to the highest point you will pass a large oak called Shakespeare’s tree, a lovely shady spot in the heart of summer. Primrose Hill is also a magical spot for a memorable proposal any time of year, particularly as the leaves fall in autumn.


  1. Love Lane


If you’re after the perfect Instagram proposal picture, then Love Lane might be up your alley. While the street was named for the illicit business transactions that used to take place in this area in the Middle ages, it is now an apt place for a romantic proposal.


Situated close to the Leonard Street Gallery, as well as the Art Gallery and Conservatory at the Barbican, there is plenty to see during a memorable day out for you and your loved one.


  1. Holland Park


While there are plenty of beautiful parks in London, few are as unique or memorable as Holland Park, thanks to it stunning Japanese-styled Kyoto Gardens. Featuring strutting peacocks, koi carp and tranquil water features, Holland Park is one of London’s most beautiful green spaces.


At the foot of a small waterfall there is a cute bridge, which makes for a prime proposal spot. Pop the question here for a beautiful moment you’ll struggle to recreate anywhere else in London.


  1. The Whispering Gallery, St. Paul’s Cathedral


Finally, while St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of London’s most famous sights, it contains an intriguing architectural quirk that makes it a unique proposal destination.


If you climb the 259 steps up towards the dome of the cathedral, you’ll find what’s known as The Whispering Gallery. The most unusual aspect of this gallery is its walls. If you stand at one end of the gallery, whatever you whisper into the walls can be heard  all the way across the other side of the gallery.


Send your partner across to the other side of the room and whisper your proposal into the wall for a unique and amazing proposal!