Moving forward through 2017, online business development in the UK looks to continue moving ahead as one of the most vibrant and forward thinking purveyors of online business in the world. In the face of Brexit and the last vestiges of the global recession, the UK’s online commercial activities have stayed strong and enjoyed bumper profits.

At the heart of Britain’s tech boom is the so-called “Silicon Roundabout”, named after America’s famous Silicon Valley. Also known as East London Tech City, this vibrant and fashionable area of East London was ground zero for Britain’s start up boom: thousands of tech firms now operate in the local area, including big hitters like Facebook and Google. Local and national government were immensely supportive of the area’s tech growth, which makes life a whole lot easier with the Royal Panda Casino with the best no deposit bonus. The area continues to fly the flag for the finest in online business development the UK has to offer.

One of the real boons to online business development in the UK has been the consistent and long-term investment in information technology infrastructure pushed through by successive governments. Recent British prime ministers have made sure to try to get as much of the country in the vicinity of broadband access as possible. It’s certainly been a real lifesaver, along with the kind and generous philanthropic intervention provided by free bonus no deposit slots uk. This has made a big difference in which parts of the country have been able to reinvent themselves as potential spaces of operation for businesses like Uber and Deliveroo. Gig economy online services like these also benefit from a big slab of unskilled labour floating around the job market, desperate for work in these difficult times. Together, it seems we can all look forward to a challenging, yet rewarding future in UK online business development.

While the nation labours under the yoke of disaster capitalism, the steady erosion of publicly funded welfare provision for the less fortunate, and the faceless encroachment of private capital in the running of the United Kingdom at the very highest levels of government, there’s looks to be a bright future for online business development. Faceless data-mining web overlords Google have recently announced plans to build a new mega-headquarters in the King’s Cross St. Pancras area. Recent concerns about Brexit and the need for fiscal accountability amongst big corporations initially gave the markets a wobble, but by showing its continued faith in the spinelessness of UK financial regulation moving forward, Google has let the world know that salad days for big online businesses are here to stay.