There are so many amazing things to do and experience in London. However, there’s nothing worse than having to forego an exciting activity because of an unexpected mishap.

The best way to make the most of your holiday is to ensure that you are fully prepared for every eventuality. The following tips will help to make your trip seamless.


Prepare for all weather

This might seem a little obvious, but England is renowned for unexpected showers. It’s best to ensure you always have an umbrella, coat, and some sensible shoes when exploring the capital city of London. Dressing appropriately is essential. London is a huge city, and you will probably be doing a lot of walking so comfy, sturdy shoes are a must!

Even our most trustworthy pair can give up on us, usually at the least opportune moment. So it’s also a good idea to learn some DIY shoe hacks in preparation for your big excursion to avoid any disasters that could threaten to put a dampener on your day. Simple things like re-soling a slightly worn shoe are easy to do at home with the right adhesive. This will eliminate the need to purchase an expensive pair of shoes in an emergency.


Pack a power pack

We rely on our phones so much that often we feel lost without them. Whilst a charger in our bags you’re not always guaranteed to have a plug socket close to hand. So, it’s essential to make sure you have a fully charged power pack in case your phone dies.  A power pack will ensure you still have access to your phone and any other tech you might need  whilst out and about.


Make an itinerary

There are so many amazing things to do in London. To make the most out of your time there it’s important to do some research beforehand and plan your time wisely. Be sure to check peak times and try to avoid them so that you don’t spend most of your day in busy queues. Planning your time will also ensure you can pack your day full of fun activities and avoid disappointment.


Book in advance

Once you have your itinerary sorted, it’s best to book any excursions or activities in advance. This could potentially save you some money – you should always check to see what offers or discount codes are available. London is a bustling city, so if you have your heart set on a particular activity, it’s best to pre-book tickets to avoid any disappointment on the day.


Familiarize yourself with public transport

Whilst you may plan to walk, London is a huge city, and some attractions are quite far from each other. There are multiple forms of public transport in London. You might want to take a taxi, hop on a bus, catch a train or brave the iconic tube. It’s best to familiarise yourself with public transport routes as they can get extremely busy and sometimes a little disorientating.

Download an app that helps you to plan your journey to make sure you get to where you need with minimal fuss. You can also access any service updates to avoid unwanted surprises and plan your journey accordingly. There are also multiple apps you can download where you can easily access and track a taxi service, which displays any fees upon booking.

London is an incredible city, and there are so many amazing places to explore. To ensure you have the best experience in England’s capital, it’s vital to plan your trip in advance. The most important tip, though, is to have fun and enjoy yourself!