London is known for its coolness, from the outskirts to the inner cities, it’s an ever-changing city that provides non-stop entertainment and sights for people to visit. 

Whilst everybody knows about London Eye, Kew Gardens or even the majestic Tower Bridge, London is much more than the top tourist attractions. Here is a list of places that have gained popularity over the last couple of years 


 St Dunstan in The East 

Nearly destroyed in WW2, as a former church of England parish, the ruins have now been converted into a public garden.

What makes it fascinating is that it’s a church burrowed between  London Bridge & The Tower of London, one of the busiest business areas of the capital. The contrast between the old rural building and the contemporary buildings in the surrounding area makes a photographer’s haven, so make sure you go in early to avoid the line of influencers and wedding photographers taking couples’ photos.

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The Barbican 

There are two reasons to visit Barbican. Number 1, The Barbican is home to the iconic brutalist architecture and is one of the UK’s architectural treasures. It looks like something out of the 1960s sci-fi movie and is nestled within one of the busiest work districts in London. It’s become a popular place for film photography enthusiasts and videographers due to the minimalist and razor-sharp backdrop of the famous grade 2 listed building 

The second reason is that it also houses the second largest conservatory in London, after Kew Garden, with 2,000 species of plants present in a greenhouse beautifully juxtaposed against the concrete estates of the Barbican. 


Gods Only Junkyard 

Home to the oldest signmakers in London, God’s Only Junkyard is a beautiful mesh of Neon Signs and art pieces. You’ll find an eclectic collection of signs running from I heart London to old Soho Sex signs covering every wall.

London is a city known for its art and quirky characters, and this small museum of neon art embodies those characteristics to create a fun and alluring environment that has become a popular place in the UK, to across the world. It’s definitely not something you want to miss out on especially if you are looking for those pleasurable Instagram photos. 


Leadenhall Market 

Leadenhall Market is one of the oldest markets in the world, dating back to the 14th century! Right within the great capital’s financial district, it is truly a sight to behold within the City of London region. If you’re hungry you can always use Squaremeal to find something delicious, according to them there are plenty of yummy places to eat in Leadenhall like Pizza Express, La Tasca & similar italian food restaurants.

The market is surrounded by hundreds of skyscrapers and modern buildings, and the hustle and bustle of busy office workers, which makes it even more of a shock when you enter the market, as it feels like you’ve been taken back in time to a forgotten era almost like a new Harry Potter novel. 


Kyoto Gardens, Holland Park 

Kyoto Garden is a hidden gem, wrapped around Holland Park (another hidden gem of London). It is home to beautiful Japanese-inspired gardens, making it a great place if you are looking for romantic things to do or just peace and tranquility. 

It harbours a traditional Japanese garden, with tranquil waterfalls and a serene pool laden with majestic-looking koi carp. There is a lot to take in here, it truly is a place that really appreciates Japanese aesthetics and art, with lanterns and Japanese maple trees around the courtyard too! And if you are lucky, do not miss out on the peacocks. 


Colombia Road Flower Market 

Not too far from Brick Lane, this gorgeous flower market is tucked away in the East End of London, where there are at least 60 or so stalls selling every flower and plant you can imagine – supported by independent cafes and the sound of talented buskers too!. 

With the range of colours on display, don’t miss out on any photos (or even flowers!), as they sell out very fast, as it’s a market buzzing with excited people looking to get the best flowers on show. It might be a hard place to find, but look out for the people scurrying around East London carrying pots of uniquely beautiful flowers and plants. 


Leake Street Underground Tunnel 

Yes, you’ve heard of Brixton, Shoreditch, Hackney and Southbank for their magnificent display of graffiti art, but Leake street, tucked away underneath the Waterloo Underground station remains to be one of the coolest art streets in London. 

It is an ever-changing tapestry of colourful murals from artists around the globe, and it’s completely free too! If you are really feeling dedicated and have time on your hands, visit leak street in different seasons, to see the changing face of street art, and truly absorb the idiosyncrasies of London arts and culture.


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