BBC NEWS | England | London | ‘Fix found’ on troubled Tube line

ah, the Underground – as unreliable as ever. I see the northern line has been out of action for the past few days.

My first job in London back in 1989 was in the city. That meant I had to use this line 5 days a week. Its not for nothing that its also known as the misery line. It was enough to make me leave my job and find somewhere local to work.

How people can use it everyday to travel to work is beyond me. I guess most have no option but in my experience it is always hot, overcrowded and smells really bad. And now we are expected to pay around £2 for the privelage of using it to go just one stop.

Fortunately, in my current job I rarely need to use it and when I do, it is the more modern jubilee line – a slightly more pleasant experience than on the northern line.

Give me buses anyday – ok, slower but heaps cheaper and a lot more pleasant.


  1. You’re right about the underground. I didn’t use it much. It stank.

    The French Metro – apart from having a bit more room to move – didn’t smell at all.

    The only good thing about the underground is that it doesn’t have those bloody accordian players wandering around each carriage.

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