About the Trips

Although many of the landmarks highlighted in these trips are hopefully going to be there for years to come, others may not be. The rail information may also change from time to time. Please use the information on these pages for general guidance only.

Please also refer to the official tourist website for the place you are planning to visit before you set out on your trip.


Although all the day trip places are quite safe to visit, you might wish to avoid travelling to and from them at evenings, unless on an organised bus trip.

Using the trains is less safe at night and some services stop running after late evening.

On a Budget?

Before you set off on your day trip, pop into a local supermarket and buy some food and drinks to take with you.

Its usually a lot cheaper than if you buy them there (and some places don’t have shops nearby).

From the seaside to the countryside, lots of places are easy to visit on a day trip from London.

You may be visiting London to see its many tourist attractions but if you have a spare day or two while here, why not do some sightseeing in England. These free self-guided sightseeing tours can be easily done in a day from London. All you need is your train fare.


Bath is probably best known for two main attractions: its Roman Baths and its Georgian architecture.


It’s only when you visit it that you get a sense of the size and starkness of the bronze age monoliths.

Windsor Castle


To many, Windsor means Windsor Castle, the home of the Queen. However, there’s a lot more to see here.


Ever since George IV brought fun to Brighton in the 18th century, it has flourished as a pleasure retreat.


Oxford is a city dominated by one thing: its university. Over 15% of the town’s population of 120,000 are students.


Cambridge revolves around its famous university and there are reminders of this at every turn. Its a great student city.


Dover is probably best known for two main attractions: its white cliffs and Dover Castle. Its a great coast trip.


Bournemouth dates only from Victorian times, when it was settled as a summer holiday destination.