People need entertainment with their food and drinks. There are many ways to brighten up the mood: play at non game stop poker sites, sign up for a fitness session, try cooking a sophisticated desert, call your friends through the FaceTime.

But if you managed to get to London, you should definitely try some obscure ways to have fun. London is filled with secret things, that you need to explore in order to get a portion of pure joy.

Visit a National Theatre

When you’re in London, you can’t miss out an opportunity to visit their biggest theater and watch a brilliant show. The most magnificent performances are held there, but there is more: when the curtains fall, you can get an insider’s look at the set.

The guider will organize a tour, where he will walk you through the theater, talking about the history of the building and famous people who used to play here. As a pleasant addition, you’ll get an opportunity to look at the costumes, cast, stage and see how the greatest show is being prepared.

Spend a night in a land-based casino

Gambling is a popular way to entertain yourself in London. If you have an experience of playing at non gamban casinos, you will love local gambling halls.

You can not only enjoy playing slot machines and table games with well-mannered dealers, but also get an opportunity to try exquisite meals and tropical cocktails in restaurants and bars. Often local land-based casinos serve Asian snacks and drinks, or traditional meals — grilled meat or fish with wine.

You can also spend some time on the dance floor or swim in a pool together with your friends.

Make some photos of Street Art in Croydon

This place was used to be known for ugly architecture and the riots, so usually city dwellers tried their best to avoid this area and spend their time in a fancy place instead.

Then a group of young people got sick of this reputation, so they bought a paint and decorated the walls with some paintings. It gave inspiration to other talented artists, so soon the street was covered with art murals.

After that, in this place was organized RISEfestival, and people all around the world started to visit this place. It has become a local landmark, and many tourists consider it a good luck to make a photo in front of fascinating art pieces.

Worship a Roman God

If you’re looking for an obscure place with a strong atmosphere, you really should consider visiting the ancient Roman Temple. Even though it’s placed in the middle of the London, not many people know about this place, or just being not interested enough to take a look.

They’re actually missing out. The Mithraeum is set over three floors – on the first you can find many ancient artifacts, the second one is dedicated to the history of Roman God, and the third floor is the place of the worshiping itself.

There is a huge monument at the center of the room with the picture of the God, so you can take closer, take a look and gain some new knowledge about history of London.

Marx Memorial Library

If you are fond of reading books, and you love history, this place is suitable exactly for you. The huge library has a collection of over 150,000 pieces of left-wing literature, local librarians are ready to tell you some breathtaking storied about history of the place and recommend you some good books to read.

The coffee in small corners is extremely expensive, but if you look carefully – you’ll be able to find a small aesthetical cafe with delicious latte or espresso.

Visit the Ghost Station

Ghost Stations is a place, where many local underground hipsters enjoy hanging out. Since 19th century, many local stations got closed, but the government didn’t begin to demolish the buildings.

So people got an opportunity to enter them and explore, discovering the vibe of great old days. Visitors can take a look on the old interior and make same aesthetical photos there.

Take a look at God’s Own Junkyard

If you’re in love with neon lights – this place is going to become your favorite one. Bracey, otherwise known as the Neon Man, was a neon sign maker, collecting pretty neon stuff for years. He created a place, that can light up your mood and inspire you easily.

Once you’ve finished wandering through the neon area, you can take a sit in a local cafe and order a coffee with a sweet dessert.

Step into the World of Harry Potter

This small, quirky shop will be loved by Harry Potter fans. Here you can purchase much various stuff related to movies, including things that were actually brought from the Harry Potter Studios.

Posters, notebooks, books, magical wands, coats, cards, candies and other stuff, mentioned in Harry Potter, is available here, so you can take a look and pack your bag with magical souvenirs.


There are plenty of places in London that you can visit to entertain yourself and get some precious memories: from well-known tourist spots to obscure places, cherished by a very limited range of people.

No matter what are your preferences, you’ll always find a great place to spend time at here.