London is the biggest hub of UK business and a place many millions of people travel to for business each year. If you’re visiting London for a business trip, it is vital to know the best ways to make your time there productive and enjoyable.

Travelling for business can be hugely enriching while being invaluable to furthering your career and business interests.

It is crucial to understand how you can make the most of the business and pleasure sides of your trip. Often, the two will go hand in hand, with you being able to enjoy some of the best things London has to offer while you make your connections, attend meetings and go for business lunches and dinners.

If you travel regularly, you will also know the importance of having a quality, comfortable place to stay while on the road.


Find A Home Away From Home

When staying away from home, it is important to feel comfortable in your surroundings. Modern options like Airbnb accommodation can be an excellent alternative to hotels, offering you all the creature comforts you’d get at home and avoiding the impersonal feel of a hotel.

That being said, it can often be tricky to know which Airbnb will offer the quality of service you can enjoy at a hotel. It is a good idea to look for an Airbnb or short-term stay that is managed by a professional company. GuestReady are a great Airbnb management company in London that can provide you with hotel-quality service with all of the comforts of a cosy Airbnb.


Eat Healthily

When travelling, it can be easy to fall into the habit of picking up a quick meal from a local takeaway or restaurant.

Naturally, you’ll want to experience some of the incredible food offerings that London has, but it is crucial that you remember to eat a healthy balanced diet.

Choosing a short-term stay accommodation can help with this, as many places will come with a kitchen area, allowing you to cook for yourself.

It is best to think carefully about the places you want to eat and look at menus and nutritional information provided to determine the healthiest choices. You can also buy some breakfast and lunch items that can help you ensure you get all of the vitamins and nutrients needed in your diet.

Preparing some of your own food while on your trip can also help you save money in the notoriously pricy London.


Find The Best Spots For Business Meetings

Meetings in London don’t need to take place in a boardroom – London is filled with quality lunch and dinner spots that can make excellent settings for meetings.

This can also be invaluable to help you make the most of your time in London as a tourist, visiting some of the most vibrant and exciting areas of the city. You could go for drinks in stylish Soho, enjoy fine dining in Westminster, or find a luxury venue in Belgravia.

You could even take a walk in one of London’s many iconic parks, such as Hyde or Richmond Park.


Ask Business Associates For Recommendations

When you have downtime, there is no shortage of incredible opportunities to explore in London. However, London is such a large city it can be intimidating to know where to start.

Getting insider knowledge from a local Londoner can be invaluable in helping you find the best spots. After the meetings are done for the day, consider chatting with a colleague or business associate and ask about their favourite places to go in the city.

You could even make this an opportunity to network by asking them to show you around their favourite London haunts.

With any city, it is always best to view the place through the eyes of a local, as they will know the best places that people new to the city might miss.


Look For A Local Gym

Travelling for work, particularly if you do it often, can be detrimental to your workout routine.

The key to a successful workout routine is to be consistent in your habits, so finding ways to work out from London is crucial.

If you’re a member of a gym chain, it could be worth seeing if you can gain access to a local branch of the gym while you’re in London. If this is not possible, check out the local gyms to see if they have any welcome schemes for first-time visitors.

You could even check local parks to find one with outdoor gym equipment so you won’t miss a single workout.


Go For A Run Through The Iconic London Streets

If running is an integral part of your normal routine, there’s no shortage of incredible routes through London.

You could consider running along the famous banks of the River Thames with incredible landmarks like the Globe Theatre and Palace of Westminster to enjoy or find a peaceful path through a local park. It may help to use a route planning app that will show you some of the most popular routes for runners through London.

Always be aware of road safety while running or navigating London in general, as the traffic can get intense sometimes and is unlike anywhere else in the UK.


Download A Map Of The London Underground

When in London, it is best to travel the same way the locals do: on the London Underground.

The Underground is a vast network of efficient and regular trains that crisscross London. Working out how to use the London Underground is pretty simple, thanks to the colour-coded lines, but with so many stops and connections, it can feel daunting at first.

Downloading a map of the London Underground can be invaluable to help you get from place to place without having to stop and study the wall-mounted maps at each station.



London is a remarkable city, with so much to offer to businesspeople and tourists alike.

It is vital to maintain your usual routine when you travel so that travel doesn’t have a negative impact on your health, both physically and mentally. It is also crucial to make the most of the opportunity you have to enjoy London.

Planning your trip and choosing the right place to stay can be invaluable in helping you make the most of your time in London.