You’ve probably seen a lot while walking through the streets of the capital or catching the Tube. But have you ever seen anyone dressed ready to go fishing? Many people don’t realize it, but you can actually go fishing in the City of London. Where exactly can you go fishing – and why is it becoming more popular in general?


Top Spots for Catching a Bite in London

The ponds in Clapham Common aren’t just for show. Long, Mount, and Eagle Pond allow fishing and are popular with would-be anglers. The area is patrolled by fishing wardens, and a rod license and fishing permits are required, so should be considered before you begin. South Norwood Lake is home to carp and perch and a season ticket allows you to fish here in Croydon until your heart’s content.

Alexandra Palace permits fishing and out on the boating lake you could expect bigger bites. From June until March, 24 of the lakes and ponds in Epping Forest allow fishing. Two of the reservoirs at Walthamstow Forest allow fly-fishing year-round.

Fishing in London, to preserve it, is heavily monitored. So, before you begin it would be best to check with the Angling Trust as to what is needed for which specific pond or lake. Fishing for many is a dedicated hobby and being respectful is part of this, especially as silence and quiet helps catch fish. But, these rules aside, there are plenty of ways to enjoy a spot of fishing in London.


Why Do We Keep Carping on About Fishing?

Perhaps we’ll see more people in their galoshes ready to cast a line because fishing is growing trendier across the board – just not in the traditional way. For instance, fishing TV shows are becoming popular. Lindner’s Fishing Edge, Battlefish, and Coldwater Cowboys cover the gauntlet of river and ocean fishing, lazy fishing, and high-octane dangerous fishing. There is even a streaming platform dedicated to fishing-related TV shows, Fishing TV. It provides fish-specific programming, such as specials on perch and bream.

In other areas of entertainment, the Fishin Frenzy slot game shows how the theme of fishing has been used to add life to online slots. The animated nature of the gameplay lends itself well to the fishing theme, especially as both fishing in real life and slots harness the tension that comes with the possibility of a big catch. Mobile gaming has also waded into the fishing theme with the 3DCARP, which simulated what fishing is really like, arcade game The Fish Master, and VR-inspired FishingStrike.

If your interest in fishing has been piqued by any of the entertainment options, then you might want to take the plunge and have a go in person. Fishing in London might not be the most obvious thing to do but it does make sense. London is home to many bodies of water that are teeming with various kinds of fish. If fishing for fish doesn’t suit you, you could always go angling for remnants of history lost in the Thames.