Traveling is quite an expensive pleasure, especially when you are still a student who has to manage the limited budget wisely. Of course, there are still some methods that will surely help you to make a wonderful and exciting trip not depending on the sum at your disposal.

Let’s go through some tips that will help you to travel most smartly:


Cut down accommodation expenses

While staying in a luxury suite in the heart of the city might be tempting, it is better to consider other options and more modest accommodations. This is the primary thing that defines whether you can travel on a low budget.

Choosing accommodation is thoroughly related to the number of people with whom you are traveling. If it is possible, travel with a relatively large group of people. It will come in handy since renting a house is way cheaper while traveling in a group of 6-7 people. Use Airbnb and other renting services to see the difference. Usually, it is quite possible to rent an entire apartment and then share the total sum into smaller parts that everyone is capable of paying.

If you are a solo traveler or travel together with your friend, then the best option to find accommodation is to rent a bed at a hostel. On the one hand, a cheap or relatively not expensive hostel will not offer award-winning five-stars facilities. On the other hand, you will save some money that you will more likely to need while covering some other traveling expenses. As practice shows, travelers tend to spend the majority of their money on accommodation. Therefore, making cheaper choices will lead to saving up a considerable amount.

It is also possible to do some CouchSurfing. However, it is better to do it together with friends since CouchSurfing may be relatively not very safe for people who are traveling on their own. Furthermore, it is required to build up some credibility and your network before parting for adventures. This is quite possible to do if you can share your space or visit CouchSurfing community regular meetups. Therefore, delegate your tasks and papers to a professional article writing service and find some time to socialize with fellow travelers.


Fly with low-cost Airlines

Another possible way to cut down expenses is to fly using low-cost airlines, including the following: Ryanair, AirAsia, EasyJet, Norwegian, Southwest Airlines, AirAsia X, Jetstar Airways, WestJet, IndiGo, Eurowings, Scoot, Jetstar Asia, PAL Express, Peach, Flynas, Air Canada, Vueling Airlines, LEVEL, Citilink. It is also essential to mention that you should book your tickets strategically. The best way to do so is to book your tickets five or six months ahead of the date of the flight. The airline boosts the price of the flight when the flight date is approaching.


Pack light

When you check your baggage, it is necessary to pay some additional fees. Therefore, make it possible to take only carry-on luggage while traveling. This lifehack will save you not only from extra expenses but also from losing a significant amount of time. Furthermore, it will help to be sure about your belonging since you will not need to worry about picking up your luggage after a flight or about whether your luggage has arrived at all.

If you still need to check your luggage, try airlines that include some handy perks programs that allow members to check baggage for free.


Learn to cook

You will want to eat something while traveling. The easiest and the most common solution here is to eat in restaurants and cafes. However, it can be rather expensive. To significantly lower your bill, learn to cook. Cutting down your eating-out expenses to several times per week will help you out.


Keep track of all your expenses

Be aware of how much money you spend on some particular activities or food. It would be a good tactic to avoid some particular types of products, e.g., cigarettes or drinking an extra coffee cup at Starbucks. The most practical way to slightly cut your expenses is to pay by cash and not use credit cards. However, keep in mind that sometimes it is rather dangerous to use mostly cash instead of paying by card because travelers may be the main target of pick-pockets.


Search for some student opportunities

Students are usually welcome to seek and use special students’ opportunities allowing them to travel and gain some global experience in their field of interests. Why not look up some trips created by AIESEC or similar student exchange companies?

As you can it is quite possible to travel if you are still a student having a limited budget. In this matter, the most important is to stay optimistic, enjoy your journey no matter what, and use the mentioned tips to get the best possible experience.