London is home to a great many casinos, and everyone can find one that suits their style. These are the top places to spend your evening, and the dress codes required at each of them.


  • Hippodrome – Casual wear, you’re unlikely to be refused entry no matter what you wear.


  • Grosvenor Casino – Smart-casual, feel free to err on the side of casual.


  • The Palm Beach – Smart-casual, but smarter. Men should wear collared shirts here, and trainers are not allowed.


  • The Ritz Club – Smart formal wear. Suits and shirts for men and cocktail dresses for ladies.


  • Les Ambassadeurs – Formal wear, this is the most luxurious casino in London. Men should wear suits and ties. The ladies wear dresses and gowns.


One of the defining qualities of land-based casinos is their penchant for protocol and etiquette. Casinos are traditionally a place for the rich, and so the dress codes will often reflect this. There are usually various rules when it comes to these establishments, as we’ll see in this article.

What to wear?

Part of the fun of going to a casino night is dressing the part. An evening visit to the casino is much more of an occasion than a daytime trip. Most casinos will allow you in as long as you are dressed smartly. No sportswear such as leggings or trainers.


Most casinos will have a specific dress code. Always check the dress code for your chosen casino. This way, you can select an appropriate outfit for the establishment. Another fun thing is to look at whether the casino has a theme. If the casino is vintage 50s, then you may want to match the style.

Dressing to the code

There is often confusion as to what each dress code means. Below are some further explanations and examples of the dress codes you might see for various casinos.



This is a general day wear that can consist of jeans and a t-shirt. Generally, casinos that ask for casual wear won’t have problems with your outfit. Women and men can both dress in streetwear, but it’s still better to avoid sportswear.



For women, jeans and a smart top is acceptable. You may want to finish your look with a blazer or jewelry. Flats or heels are fine, but trainers won’t be accepted.


For men, smart jeans, chinos, or suit pants are okay. You can finish this off with a smart T-shirt or shirt. There’s no need for a tie. Again, avoid wearing trainers, but dress shoes aren’t necessary.



Women can wear anything defined as a ‘cocktail’ dress, or even a smart pantsuit. It’s okay to have a shorter hemline.


Men should wear a suit, but a tie is not necessary.


Formal/Black tie

This calls for a floor-length dress or gown for the ladies. Heels are the norm here.


Men should wear a full suit, tie, and dress shoes.


Dress codes can be confusing, but it’s worth consulting a guide for UK gamblers to make sure that your outfit is appropriate for the venue. If in doubt, dress to impress! Visiting a land based casino is an excellent opportunity to go to town with your outfit. Wear something that makes you feel like someone out of a Bond movie if you feel like. Most importantly, wear something that makes you feel great!