Q: We are planning to come visit London. There will be 4 adults. Do you have any suggestion as to where we should stay???? We don’t want to stay in a bad place but we don’t want to pay a lot of money to stay either. We plan to do a lot of sight seeing in London

A: I would suggest you tried to stay somewhere in “zone 1” of London – this equates to central London, in case you don’t know.

Within zone 1, I would look for hotels in places like Victoria, Bloomsbury or Paddington (near the station, there are some decent and cheapish hotels). Be careful about places like Kings Cross as they are mostly B & Bs and pretty down market – though there are some newer hotels being built there.

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  1. Hello. After reading your advice about where to stay, I’m having second thoughts about where I had been planning to stay during an early April trip to London. My thinking was that, since I don’t expect to be out late at night, I’d stay in zone 3 in Greenwich in a b&b near a tube station. One b&b in particular has posted many favorable comments from travelers who stayed there. Are b&b’s considered downscale? Are they inspected or rated? Thank you.

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