Prague by night, Czech republic.


Understanding that Prague is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world will certainly entice those that haven’t been yet, to head to the Czech Republic, in order to find out why.

As for those who have already stayed there for a few days, they will certainly want to deepen their exploration of the city, either culturally or through a deeper discovery of the architecture that makes this city so magnificent. Here are a few of the reasons why Prague is an obvious destination for everyone.


Great Accommodation for Every Budget

When you go on holidays, you want to find the right place to stay that can fit your budget. In Prague, there are hotels, bed and breakfasts, as well as apartments for rent for everyone.

Cleanliness is part of the culture in this country. It is also turned towards modernism. Chances are you will find that you are paying a very low fare for the accommodations you will have chosen. Here is a list that can help you with your choice, if you are looking for a hotel where to stay, go visit:


The Beauty of a Magical City

If you like fairy tales, be ready to enter into one, when you come into the city of Prague. The magic lives in the stones of the buildings, but also in the statues located in its squares and also those found on Charles Bridge.

The Prague Castle is the largest one of its kind in Europe, which will enable you to dream of the more regal days of the past. If you have the chance to walk along the stalls of the Christmas Market, under a light snow, the charm will be even greater.

Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, and known as such by tourism specialists. It won’t take long for you to understand why, once you get there.


Home of Many Cultural Locations

Those who like to visit museums will be as happy as can be, when they go to Prague, as they will find nine major ones to roam through. They are (in alphabetical order):

  • The African-Prague Museum
  • The Alfons Mucha Museum
  • The Jewish Museum in Prague
  • The Josef Sudek Gallery & The Josef Sudek Studio
  • The Museum of the Capital City of Prague
  • The Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague
  • The Náprstek Museum
  • The National Library and the National Gallery
  • The National Museum (Národní muzeum)

But there are so many more cultural sights to visit as well, which includes some that are internationally known like the Prague Castle, the astronomical clock in Old Town Square, the Charles Bridge and the Jewish Quarter.

It is no wonder that the UNESCO has declared the city of Prague a world heritage site 30 years ago (1992).


An Architecture that expresses Itself through Various Styles

Although the city’s flavour comes from times past, its most famous building is part of modern art. The Dancing House was designed with curves that you won’t see anywhere else in the world. You can also find some neo-renaissance design at the National Museum and Art Nouveau style at the Municipal House.