If you have never heard of Harley Street, you’ll be interested to know that it is one of the most famous medical districts in the world. If you want to visit a street that has been graced with the presence of Florence Nightingale or Stephen Hawking, then you should visit this street located in Marylebone in London. In this article, we are going to look at why Harley Street has become a popular place for medical professionals to come together so keep reading if you’d like to find out more.

The History

The great thing about Harley Street is that it has been growing in its reputation since the 18th century. The houses in this street are beautiful Georgian houses and they were used by many doctors who wanted to open private practices and live in the same building. In 1853, the amazing nurse, Florence Nightingale used this famous area to open her own practice so that she could care for the sick. As time has gone on, this area has seen many professional and private doctors come and go as they set up shop in this historical area.

Now managed by the Howard de Walden Estate, people from all over the world choose the surgeons on Harley Street over those who are nearer to where they live. When you visit a surgery on Harley Street, you can be assured that you are being treated by the best. If you walk down the street, you can feel the presence of the historical and famous people who have walked among you.

The Treatments Available

Harley Street is well known for providing all sorts of cosmetic surgery options for those who can afford to pay it. Amazing clinics like the Harley Street Hair Clinic have treated the likes of the footballer Wayne Rooney amongst other famous faces. Although the Hair transplant cost London is a little higher than some of the other things that we normally suggest, the great treatments are well known for being worth the money and the best possible quality. You’ll also find clinics on Harley Street offering breast surgery or Botox which celebrities famously endorse. Not all of the treatments will cost you a bomb so make sure to have a look at the individual prices!

Why You Should Visit

Even if you can’t afford some of the treatments available on Harley Street, visiting this historic location is a good activity and one that you can do for free. This street has managed to turn Marylebone into a desirable place that is known all over the world. The treatments on offer on this street are great for those who want to update their look and fix those problems that they have been living with their whole lives. If you want to see where the famous people go for their surgery or if you fancy getting some treatments of your own, make sure to visit Harley Street soon!