Q: Can i travel to windsor castle just for 1/2 day? is there a bus tour for this trip? what are cheapest hotel near the victoria coash station? where is GAY pub?
1 – Travelling to Windsor Castle, and bus trips there
You might find some chargeable organised bus tours from central London to Windsor Castle but I think the cheapest way of getting there is to go by train and then walk to the castle. As its an hour or so from Waterloo to Windsor by train, a half day trip might not do the visit justice. But I guess it depends how long you want to spend there.
2 – Hotels near Victoria coach station
Unfortunately, I don’t know any to recommend to you but there are loads of hotels along the side street leading to the coach station, and I think there’s an accommodation booth in the station itself.
3 – GAY pub
The GAY pub (actually a bar) is in Old Compton Street (Soho). The GAY nightclub is on Charing Cross Road, up near Oxford Street.